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B & P

Like jewellery for the home, Buster & Punch’s luxury hardware is the only choice when it comes to dressing your property. Whether its their tactile, picture worthy light switches, sockets, or door handles. They’ve got the right finish to compliment ours, and your interior.

They’ve been a favourite at Beckett & Beckett for a while now. Their expanding range of hardware & lighting has seen them creep more and more into our design projects. Not only do they boast the most tactile finishes, but their luxurious finishes mean they blend seamlessly into every interior, which is an interior designers dream.


Days of letting electricians to choose your sockets and switches are well and truly over. From light switches to sockets Buster & Punch have curated the perfect collection of electrical accessories to compliment your interior scheme.

Carried throughout their products is a beautiful tactile quality, a weightiness & a luxurious finish. One of our long time favourite finishes is the smoked bronze. Solid brass is coated with rich bronze & black tones over the diamond knurled finish for the perfect combination of industrial luxury.

B & P at Beckett & Beckett Interiors

We love the opportunity to introduce our clients to the quality & style of Buster & Punch products whenever possible. Especially if it means we get to compliment our interior design schemes with them, the result is always special.

Of course we’d love to use them in every project, but budgets don’t always allow. One way you can inject some Punch into your space is to change up some handles on an existing piece of furniture. Below is an image from our showroom, we swapped some plain old nickel handles for our favourite smoked bronze furniture knob. Instantly it changed the feel of the piece, adding a sharper, moodier edge. Simple & effective.

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