Mark Alexander

Mark Alexander is one of the six design studios within The Romo Group. As an established brand that is prominent within high-end interiors, Mark Alexander has been able to expand its roots to some of the most wealthy cities in the world. Find out why we love it so much here at Beckett & Beckett Interiors.

The studio pride themselves in their exclusivity to offer luxurious and versatile fabrics. All of which have been individually dyed to complement the nature of the fabrics.

Solely working with naturally luxurious materials such as cashmere, silk, wool and linen. Using specialist techniques has enabled the designers at Mark Alexander to produce one of a kind fabrics which will adorn any interior, whether it be traditional or modern.

This can be seen in their newest velvet collection, Empire II. A sumptuous collection which offers an extensive colour palette of rich jewel tones, to warm neutrals and earthy shades. The collection shows a sophistication in manufacture. As well as boasting a stain resistant finish, its viscose content gives its beautiful lustre that is at home in the most luxurious schemes.
A collection that perfectly compliments Empire II, is Jazz III. The most fluid, elegant drape an interior could ask for. The perfect blend of wool and spun silk is dyed in a pallet of jewel like tones synonymous with the Mark Alexander brand.
Another collection, Shibui, shows the ‘quietly luxurious’ side of Mark Alexander. Cleverly using linen to create various textural and patterned fabrics for both soft furnishings and upholstery. 

Empire II, Town III & Shibui are part of an established array of collections from Mark Alexander which we are fortunate enough to possess in our showroom library. Pay us a visit and discover a world of luxury. 


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