Brand new House Of Hackney

Feel inspired and go for ‘what you love’ instead of what you believe to be ‘correct’.
In 2007 Frieda Gormley and Javvy M Royle bought a townhouse in Hackney and stripped it back to its original state, creating a ‘blank canvas’. Unfortunately Frieda and Javvy struggled to find the unique wallpaper and fabric they both desired to decorate their home. This then led them to create the interior design brand House of Hackney in 2010.
Paying homage to the victorian greenhouse Loddiges and victorian design, Frieda and Javvy have curated many collections which compliment the traditional designs whilst injecting a contemporary colour palette. For example, take the iconic Palmeral design, this was influenced by  Loddiges as a way to bring the outdoors in to your home, at the same time creating a stylish and quirky impression. Whilst gazing through the many fabrics and wallpapers, you can see how the couple want you to feel inspired and go for ‘what you love’ instead of what you believe to be ‘correct’ when it comes to designing. 
House of Hackney follow a strict policy of saying “no” to fast fashion. When it comes to their designs, they believe that investing in good quality pieces will lead to them becoming family heirlooms and being passed down to future generations. This also coincides with their made to order production, where fabrics, wallpapers and furniture will only be made when ordered, thus cutting down on waste. Everything created for House of Hackney is designed and made in England, whilst also using environmentally friendly materials like their low impact wallpaper. Their wallpapers are free from harmful chemicals and pride themselves in having one of the most sustainable options around. 

As a company we are proud to display the House of Hackney brand by housing all of their current fabric and wallpaper designs. Come into our showroom and dive into the vibrant and exclusive world of House of Hackney.