Black Edition SS19

At the start of 2019 we welcome a new collection that entwines the contemporary art of photography with traditional woodblock printing. Black Edition have teamed up with Japanese artist Katsutoshi Yuasa to create a detailed and sophisticated collection of weaves, velvets, linens and wall coverings. 
Using a medium of his own photographs and woodblock print, Yuasa captures the natural world and turns it into an abstract story of colour and texture. Each collection takes you through a sensory journey of characterful weaves, dramatic wall coverings and opulent velvets. 
Yuasa’s work offers a conventional design with a modern twist and the diversity of the designs offers unlimited access to everyone, adding something unique to any space. The timeless designs could create a clean and calming space, or a dramatic and luxurious area of your home.
We have the entire series of Katsutoshi Yuasa’s collaboration with Black Edition in our showroom and invite you to come to our showroom and explore the work yourself. 
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