Arte at Beckett & Beckett Interiors

Arte is a family run business first started in 1981, their wallpapers are a favourite in both residential and commercial properties. After viewing an Arte wallpaper, its easy to see why these papers are considered one of the best. Using striking patterns and colour mixed with texture, Arte’s papers are a sensory delight. We’re the number one desitination for Arte in Leeds, read about a few of our favourite collection below..

A collaboration between Arte and Moooi

Exploring the diversity and beauty found in all things natural, this collection explores extinct animals and has allowed Arte and Moooi to delve into another world where their imaginations are allowed to run free. Stretching the limitations of printing techniques has empowered both Moooi and Arte to create papers that breathe life into these extinct animals. Being inspired by certain characteristics of the animals means that every wallpaper contains qualities unique to that animal. For example, the dwarf rhino paper is composed of 3D suede that mimics the folds and unique structure of the plates that protect the rhino. This paper takes pattern and texture to the next level, creating a 3D resemblance to the rhinos tough armour whilst still producing an elegant wallpaper that would adorn any wall. 
Changing the ideology of animal print, Arte and Moooi have fabricate another timeless and remarkable collection.
Extinct Animals collection by Arte x Moooi
We were the first UK ambassador for Arte
Large displays of Arte papers in our showroom


Using inspiration from the rainforest, Monsoon is a series of vast banana leaves, waving palm leaves and the ever favourite design, Facet. This collection plays around with organic shapes and charismatic colouring, allowing you to bring the outdoors inside. Facet is a timeless design that is made up of lines which forms an extraordinary pattern. The metallic finish means the pattern can reflect and absorb the surrounding light. Creating diversity by forming various patterns and shapes throughout the day.
Musa, is a design which will breathe character into your space. The staggering design consists of large banana leaves which entwine with each other. It comes in two matte choices and the rest have a lustrous metallic sheen. This paper will give you a sophisticated look but also a sense of tranquility in any room of your home. 
Another favourite in the book is the design Sabal, using the attractive shapes of the palm leaves, Arte have created a dramatic piece in various colour ways. Naturally palm leaves will overlap and Arte has recreated that perfectly, giving an impression of being under a canopy in the rainforest. By using texture and definition, the leaves look like they’re trying to escape the paper, creating something truly unique. 
This collection has always been a permanent feature in our showroom, one that we will use time and time again. 

Our showroom is the best place to find Arte in Leeds. We encourage you to come and look through the books. We promise you’ll love them as much as we do.